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Creating a life filled with crafty adventures, DIY, Food, Travel, Family, Photography Blogger

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    On the eighth day of Christmas we were baking again, if you can call making rice crispy treats baking. I am that mom that sends treats to school with her kids for holidays, birthdays or once because I was taking … Continue reading

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    My kids love coasters. Yes the ones that you put drinks on. They throw them as frisbees, use them as plates, roll them and who knows what else. I find them everywhere, in beds, outside, in the bathroom, under rugs … Continue reading

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    On the eleventh day of Christmas I was crafting for a birthday. Just a few days after Christmas its my nieces birthday. I have two boys, four nephews, and one niece so its very rare that I get to make … Continue reading


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    Each year I make the kids a Christmas ornament. Usually the ornaments are a little different, as are they. This year I made them ornaments inspired by Scrabble. With a few ribbon scraps and my trusty hot glue gun I whipped … Continue reading

    Love and joyspaleksicLove and joyLoveJoyLove and joyspaleksicLove and joyLoveJoy

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  • 01/04/16--09:00: Playing with Fire
  • My kids have a small obsession with camping. I do not. Camping isn’t my thing. Going to the cottage or cabin is more my speed. I am a big fan of my bed, running water, electricity and flush toilets. Walls…

    Fire 7spaleksicFire 7Fire 2Fire 1Fire 3Fire 7spaleksicFire 7Fire 2Fire 1Fire 3

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  • 01/11/16--09:00: Just for me
  • If you have been following my blog for any length of time you probably notice that I make craft projects for other people often. Even when I decide to make something for myself frequently someone tells me how much they like it and somehow it becomes theirs. I am an advocate of the handmade and prefer to gift handmade objects.…

    gloves 1spaleksicgloves in processgloves in process 2gloves 1gloves 1spaleksicgloves in processgloves in process 2gloves 1

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  • 01/18/16--09:00: Two years in the making
  • I wish that the project that I was about to show actually looks like I spent two years working on it. When my youngest was born I made a promise to my husband that I wouldn’t start anything new for…

    crochet blankie 1spaleksiccrochet blankie 4crochet blankie 3crochet blankie 2crochet blankie 1spaleksiccrochet blankie 4crochet blankie 3crochet blankie 2

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  • 01/25/16--09:00: Warm and Cozy
  • There is nothing quite like knitting a warm cozy blanket in the winter. Last week I wrote about a crochet project that I had worked on for 2 years (even I can’t believe it), in contrast I made this blanket…

    blue blankiespaleksicblue blankie 1blue blankie 4blue blankie 5blue blankie WIP 1blue blankieblue blankie WIP 2blue blankiespaleksicblue blankie 1blue blankie 4blue blankie 5blue blankie WIP 1blue blankieblue blankie WIP 2

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  • 02/01/16--09:00: Sock it to me
  • My feet are always cold. Even when I am wearing socks my feet are cold sometimes. It’s grey rainy and cold here so I can think of nothing better than colourful wool socks to keep my feet warm. It took me…

    warm toesspaleksicWIPone down one to gowarm toeswarm toesspaleksicWIPone down one to gowarm toes

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    This past Valentine’s Day I spent time with my parents, my kids, my husband and an astronaut. Yes an astronaut. We spent Valentine’s Day at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was an out of this world Valentine’s day.…


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  • 03/25/16--09:00: Hiatus
  • Every once in a while it’s important to take a break. A break from things you love (like writing this blog) and things that you don’t. Recently I went on vacation and took a break from many things including parenting.…


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  • 03/28/16--09:00: Minion Cupcakes
  • I am that mom that sends cupcakes to school for her kid’s birthday, please don’t hate me, I like baking. One of the kids in my son’s class asked him how many days it took me to make them! Honestly…


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  • 03/30/16--09:00: I just want snow
  • I know that I have readers all over the world, and for those of you still digging yourselves out of the snow you might be surprised that my son asked for snow for his birthday. It has been 2 years…


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  • 04/04/16--10:39: Grass Block Cake
  • I knew that it was inevitable at some point my kids would be talking about something I knew nothing about. That day has arrived. Minecraft has invaded. I still do not understand it completely, but my oldest loves it. He…


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    This year when I was talking about birthday plans with my oldest, we gave him the option of having a party or going skiing. He picked skiing, which is fantastic. We were more than happy to try something new with…


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  • 05/26/16--11:37: Horsing Around
  • Sunday morning my oldest has drawing classes, and he was refusing to go recently because he was “too busy” pretending to be a cowboy. He and his brother were both galloping around wearing cowboy hats. After I promised that, he…


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  • 06/11/16--08:45: Minecraft-ING
  • My seven year old is obsessed with Minecraft. I hear a lot of “Mom did you know, in Minecraft……” which is about where I zone out because I really know very little about Minecraft. However, I am interested in expanding…

    MC4spaleksicminecraft header watermarkMC11MC10MCMC4MC2MC1MC4spaleksicminecraft header watermarkMC11MC10MCMC4MC2MC1

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  • 06/15/16--09:00: Watch out Ferragamo
  • I make one pair of shoes (from a kit no less) and I think that I am a famous shoemaker! I am killing myself over here laughing, who am I kidding....Ferragamo. But seriously, I made myself a pair of shoes how cool is that. …


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  • 06/22/16--09:00: Birthday Books
  • With the advent of digital photography, photos are snapped and lost into the black hole of technology. Some of us do not ever get the photos out of the camera, and some transfer them to computers but then do little…


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  • 06/28/16--10:04: Peach and Rat Season
  • Three years ago we bought the house in the city with a yard slightly bigger than a postage stamp.  We moved in at the middle of August and on the third day while I was cleaning a paint tray in the kitchen sink I…

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